"Played college ball, ya know."

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i’ve been playing bravely default for 8 hours hey

エ ネ

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Lightning Returns- Final Fantasy XIII

Masculine outfits

I’ve been hoping to find a photoset of these, but I have found none, so I scanned my own.  Wish it was higher quality but I don’t want to damage my book for better scans either.

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By ふのた

By ふのた

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Argh, fear me! I am a bio-terrorist! Run away in fear! 

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pictures from last weekend!

I guess I owe you guys a sort of life update for what’s been going on lately

-i’m on spring break & currently watching noragami! I am also playing bravely default.

-last weekend I spent a few days down the shore at my friend’s place, we played through the entirety of infamous second son

-I have become a 750% erica enthusiast

-I am excited & worried about the new p4u2 news

-hinabuki moose